Last Train – « The Big Picture »

Après la sortie de « THE IDEA OF SOMEONE », une chanson rock, douce et poétique, de « DISAPPOINTED » second single à la basse plus énervée,  Last Train nous dévoile une nouvelle facette de leur prochain album.
Avec le titre éponyme, « THE BIG PICTURE », soit 35 heures de vidéos sur 10 ans d’amitié résumées en un clip de 10 minutes, LAST TRAIN nous offre un troisième single plus intime comme une rétrospective sur la genèse du groupe.

Nouvel album « The Big Picture », sortie le 13 septembre 2019. Précommande :

LAST TRAIN EN CONCERT le 06.11.2019 –

LE TRIANON – PARIS Billetterie :


Written and performed by Last Train.

Recorded and produced by Rémi Gettliffe at Ocean Sound Recordings and White Bat Recorders.

Mastered by Mickaël Rangeard at Question de Son.

Produced by Deaf Rock, a division of Pegase.

Distributed in France by Caroline International, Universal Music France.

Under Exclusive Licence to Radicalis Music Gmbh VIDEO

Directed by Julien Peultier


« While seasons flow into one another, It’s getting so hard to remember, Those memories I don’t even have. All the summer romances we never had, Every dance I never danced with her, What we’ve never been through together.

She’s a woman and so much more.
She’s a woman. 

I got so many pictures on my walls, Dad asking : « when is she coming home ? » He doesn’t know she doesn’t know me at all. Sometimes, I wish I could be a decade older, And wave these years goodbye to be with her, So she could turn me into a better man.

Cause she’s a woman and so much more.
She’s a woman.

Born to complain I’m not meant to go back, Her brown hair turned to red and then to black, My blue songs keep filling my paperback.  They don’t know shit about what I’m feeling, They laugh but no one dries the tears that are falling, There’s no dressing for my heart.

She’s just a woman but so much more.

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