Last Train – The Idea Of Someone

Découvrez le nouveau single et le nouveau clip de Last Train « The Idea Of Someone »

LAST TRAIN EN CONCERT le 06.11.2019 –

LE TRIANON – PARIS Billetterie :


Written and performed by Last Train.

Recorded and produced by Rémi Gettliffe at Ocean Sound Recordings and White Bat Recorders.

Mastered by Mickaël Rangeard at Question de Son.

Produced by Deaf Rock, a division of Pegase.

Distributed in France by Caroline International, Universal Music France.

Under Exclusive Licence to Radicalis Music Gmbh VIDEO

Directed by Thibaut Charlut and Elsa Truscello

Lights by Thibaut Charlut and Eric Poupounot

Additional videos by Julien Peultier and Eric Pouponot

Super 8 Laboratory : Color City Image

Produced by Holden.


« How could I’ve been so confused ?

I tried so hard to tighten the noose.

I’ve been busy mending the pieces of my heart but every wounded part is still dedicated to the idea of someone.

How could I’ve been so obsessed ?

The songs, the tats and all the rest.

I’ll have to lose it all to finally know the reason why I’m lurching through the days and getting fucked up every night.

Cause out of the blue, I got addicted to the idea of someone.

How could I fool myself with such a lie ?

Oh should I fall in love to finally fall apart again ? »

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